Fortinet Renewals

How is your relationship with your Fortinet partner? What relationship you say? Then read on!

A lot of Fortinet equipment is purchased via big box or online stores. The problem? It's just a transaction and you're missing out on SO many more features and benefits.

Let Secure Cyber Defense Become Your Fortinet Partner of Record!

Purchase, rent, and/or renew your Fortinet equipment with Secure Cyber Defense and begin unlocking these great benefits today. Schedule a Consultation to learn more about transferring your partner of record to Secure Cyber Defense.

  • Weekly Cybersecurity Newsletter - You'll get a weekly newsletter packed full of the week's top Cyber headlines as well we tons of informative in-depth news and information.
  • Timely Alerts for Fortinet Vulnerabilities - These will be directly tied to the equipment you have since we'll have a record of that.
  • Timely Alerts for Mainstream Cybersecurity Advisories - When we get information that there is a mainstream Cybersecurity advisory, we'll get the information to you fast!
  • Vetting of Fortinet OS updates - Ever wonder what versions are stable? We test and advise on stable code versions so you don't have to.
  • Connect with your local Fortinet representative - Fortinet is a big company, and chances are, there is a local sales representative and/or sales engineer in or near your town. We'll connect you!
  • Learn About Regional Fortinet Training Events - Fortinet is good about having regional training events to help you get the most out of your Fortinet investment. We will let you know when those events are so you can attend!
  • Local to Dayton, OH? - Secure Cyber Defense often has free workshops here at our offices in Moraine. Having Secure Cyber Defense be your partner of record you'll get FREE access to these very informational workshops.

Why Buy Your Fortinet Gear? Rent It With Our Hardware As A Service Program

Technology changes way too often and that's why Secure Cyber Defense offers a rental program that allows you to pay monthly for your equipment and avoid capital investment up-front. By renting your equipment from us, you'll get access to these additional features AND you'll keep your technology current.

  • Easy monthly payments (1 or 3 year options available)
  • No complicated applications to fill out for approval
  • Support is wrapped up in the monthly payment so no yearly renewal bills
  • When your rental is up for renewal, take that opportunity to upgrade to the current model

Upgrade to Premium Rental Hardware As A Service

Unlock more features by upgrading to a premium rental (additional costs will apply).

  • Access to "The Shield" Real Time Blocklist - Get immediate blocks of domain's and IP's from our Security Operations Center (SOC). Our SOC blocks thousands of threats a month from entering your network.
  • Access Our Email Blocklist Service - Do you have a 3rd party email filter? Use our Realtime Block List service on your email filter and block attackers from emailing your users
  • Loaner Device - Fortinet replacement devices can sometimes take days to execute. Have a Fortinet loaner device on file with us, and we'll advance you a replacement device overnight.


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