FortiEDR is the only advanced endpoint protection solution providing both comprehensive machine-learning and anti-malware execution to provide real-time post-infection protection. From day one it automatically detects, isolates, and defuses potential endpoint threats, even on previously infected devices. FortiEDR’s post-infection protection layer controls outbound communications and file system modifications to prevent unauthorized data transfers, lateral movement through networks, unauthorized command and control (C2) communications, as well as file tampering and ransomware.

Advanced EDR automates threat management. EDR removes or contains suspicious activity, improves threat investigations, and speeds response times. FortiEDR supports a wide range of workstations, servers, and virtual machines, including legacy operating systems.

Enhancing your EDR Capabilities

Secure Cyber Defense moves companies from reactive threat defense to proactively hunting and detecting sophisticated threat tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

Our managed EDR service provides certified analysts and engineers who oversee all aspects of the EDR tool. You get threat analysis, threat intelligence, customized policy management, user account management, application whitelisting/blacklisting, system configuration updates, and 24/7 response to threats.

FortiEDR Includes

Real-time Endpoint Detection & Response
Detects and defuses system pre & post-infections
Next-generation antivirus protection
Orchestrated Incident Response
Proactive vulnerability & risk mitigation
Flexible deployment options