SCD Travels to Israel January 27th-Feb. 2, 2024 – REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!

**An information Q&A webinar was held earlier in August, click HERE to view the recording. Click HERE to see the 2023 Summer highlight reel. **

Did you know that almost 70% of all Cybersecurity technology originates from Israel? They’re the cyber capital of the world!

In 2022, Secure Cyber Defense CEO Shawn Waldman visited CyberWeek in Tel Aviv, Israel, with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. CyberWeek is best described as the international version of RSA and is hosted at Ben Gurion University in Tel Aviv. It was an amazing ten days full of exposure to new Israeli startups, Israeli Food and Culture, unbelievable networking, and learning how other countries deal with Cybersecurity issues.

The State of Israel hosts some of the world’s largest and most attended Cybersecurity events each year. CyberWeek is held in the Summer, and CyberTech in the Winter.

Our partnership has expanded with the Israeli Embassy to the point where we now take small delegations twice a year to Israel. Why? To expose US companies to the Israeli Cyber Ecosystem, learn about Israel’s awesome Cyber startup market, and learn about some of the new technologies positioning for market.

Join Us This Winter for CyberTech 2024!

In 2024 CyberTech will run from January 29th – 31st in Tel Aviv. One thing that makes CyberTech stand out from CyberWeek is the vendor floor at CyberTech; it’s massive! One of the most exciting things is talking to and visiting many Israeli startup companies in the start-up village!

Invite Your Family and Attend a Custom Sightseeing Tour!

Bring your family or significant other on the trip and enjoy many of Israel’s tourist destinations. Additional charges apply for the tours, but Secure Cyber Defense can assist you in locating the perfect tour through our vetted vendors in Israel.

Want to Join Us?

Space is extremely limited; we can only take ten people on the trip each time. So if you’re interested, please get in touch with our CEO Shawn Waldman at swaldman[at]secdef[.]com as soon as possible as seats are going fast. You can also download the Israel 2023 Summer Promo for additional information.

What is the cost?

We’ve done a lot to keep this trip very economical; for the most part, this trip can be done for around USD 5,000. Here is a list of estimated costs per delegate.

  1. Airfare – Can be purchased for around ~ $1,200 (Or much lower if you purchase the airfare well in advance)
  2. Hotel – We’ll get a group discount, but look to pay ~$300/night for 7 nights, so roughly around $2,100.
  3. SCD Coordination Fee – $1,500 per delegate (Family members traveling with you to Israel DO NOT pay this fee) *See the family information below if you bring family with you*. This fee covers most of the ground transportation and most, if not all, of your meals, tips, etc.

More Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I take my family? Yes! We would love for you to take your family with you to Israel. SCD can help coordinate and purchase tours in Israel for an additional fee.
  2. Is it safe in Israel? While you can’t guarantee safety anywhere, Israel is extremely safe with the world’s best military and police forces. We’ve heard our CEO say that he feels safer in Israel than at home 🙂
  3. How long is the flight? It takes about 11 hours. The planes flying to Israel are VERY large so you won’t feel cramped. There are direct flights from the US to Tel Aviv. Someone from SCD will help you pick the right flight. We don’t recommend switching airports overseas; you will want a direct flight from the US to Israel.
  4. Why do you go? We go twice a year to expose US businesses and organizations to the Israeli Cyber Ecosystem. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Plus, there is nowhere to get this type of exposure in the US.
  5. Do I need a Passport? Yes, you do. And a valid one on top of that 🙂
  6. Should I get travel insurance? Yes, you need travel insurance. Most US medical coverage doesn’t work in Israel, so you should check with your carrier. Regardless, I would get it to cover lost luggage and anything unforeseen that might cancel your trip.
  7. What is the weather like? – It’s VERY hot in the summer as most of Israel is desert. In the Winter, it’s cooler (highs in the 70s to 80’s), but it’s also their rainy and stormy time of the year. Most of the rain falls in Israel from December to February. Secure Cyber Defense staff will help make recommendations for packing depending on the time of the year you go with us.