Managed Detection and Response

24/7 Coverage and Improved Response

Cyber threats are coming faster making it difficult for security teams to keep up. The Secure Cyber Defense offers  Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services with an independent Security Operations Center (SOC) to take on threat detection, analysis, and response.

Armed with Fortinet's industry-leading SIEM and SOAR platforms, and our global threat intelligence database, we rapidly add context to thoroughly analyze and triage threats. Threat handling is made faster by the use of automation to address low-level threats. The benefit to your security team? Faster response times, 24/7 coverage, and access to a team of experienced cybersecurity experts.

Partnering with a Managed Detection and Response team allows you to keep up with sophisticated attacks, increase your network security level,  and realize a faster return on your security investment.

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Cyber Readiness

Improve your cyber readiness. Learn more about the benefits of MDR.

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"We challenge ourselves daily on how we can best serve our clients and protect our networks. We want to move our clients from a purely defensive posture, giving them the breathing room to take on more sophisticated threats before they impact their business and customers"

Shawn Waldman, CEO