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Cybersecurity is no longer just a technology issue, it is a business one too

At Secure Cyber Defense, we combine our cybersecurity know-how with software and hardware technologies to identify and respond to the growing number of cyberattacks aimed at crippling your business. We are 100 percent focused on cybersecurity with a 24/7 SOC dedicated to managing, detecting, and securing your data and networks.

  • 68 average number of records breached every second (1.6M total in 2023)
  • 295days to identify and contain a breach
  • $4.5Maverage total cost of a data breach

The Secure Cyber Defense incident response teams deliver round-the-clock incident response and digital forensic investigation of a breach. Our certified analysts utilize our proprietary threat intelligence database of real-time cyber threats giving us an edge in understanding the latest threat tools, techniques, and patterns of cybercriminals to speed our response. Our commitment is to capture vital forensic evidence within the first 48 hours of the attack so we can move on to getting your company back up and running. We coordinate with other investigative and insurance teams while acting as your cyber victim advocate throughout the recovery process.

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