At Secure Cyber Defense, we believe understanding your vulnerabilities and areas of exposure are the first steps in developing a solid cybersecurity plan. With experience from federal and local law enforcement, network management and advanced cybersecurity, our cybersecurity consulting team helps provide a roadmap giving you the guidance you need.


Cyber Assessments

Our proprietary assessment, based on the CIS Top 20 Security Controls, helps organizations gain a clear picture of their cyber readiness. Our assessment, run by certified cybersecurity consulting experts, identifies technology and process gaps, and vulnerabilities to create a Cyber Roadmap with recommendations for improving your cyber preparedness.

Regardless of size, number of locations, or system complexity, our Cyber Roadmap and cybersecurity consulting services provides a game plan to better secure your networks.

Incident Response

Incident Response Planning

The key to being cyber prepared is having a fully documented Incident Response Plan (IRP).  An effective IRP is detailed enough, so ANYONE in the organization can pick it up and execute the plan.

Our cybersecurity consulting team helps think through potential scenarios and critical action steps. Our goal is to leave no room for mistakes during an actual incident. Our IRP process identifies:

  • key roles and the training required for each role
  • potential issues and contingencies
  • recommended communication strategies
  • reporting requirements
  • inclusion of State and Federal law enforcement
  • cyber insurance and legal requirements