Our SIEM service helps internal Security Operations Centers (SOCs) make sense of the threat data all its systems are collecting by gathering it in one place. Once gathered, our SIEM platform categorizes and analyzes incidents and events to guide future threat analysis.  Our SIEM service, combined with our Cyber Intelligence Center’s proprietary threat database and certified analysts, examines log data for patterns that could indicate a cyberattack and prioritizes issues to escalate with your IT team.

SIEM reduces the complexity of managing network and security operations to free up resources, reduce threat fatigue, improve breach detection, and even prevent breaches.

FortiSIEM Dashboard
FortiSOAR dashboard


Our security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) platform acts as the connector between information gathering and automated threat response. SOAR integrates all of the tools, systems, and applications within your organization’s security toolset, creating playbook workflows to automate and orchestrate time-consuming manual security tasks to eliminate alert fatigue and escalate credible threats. From ingestion and enrichment to detection, triage, response and containment, SOAR offers SOCs greater oversight and context to potential threats.

We use and recommend the industry-leading FortiSOAR platform to enable SOC teams and our own Cyber Intelligence Center operations. FortiSOAR simplifies threat response by enabling organizations to identify systemwide threats, define the solutions, manage incidents, then automate the response.