Fully managed and monitored FortiMail secure email gateway

FortiMail is designed to address both inbound and outbound email traffic to detect and prevent threats. Our secure email gateway helps companies enforce polices related to compliance to protect valuable company data. FortiMail secure email gateway works seamlessly with any existing email provider with a wide range of secure email gateway deployment options.

FortiMail has rich features to detect malware including viruses and ransomware. Additionally, Fortimail uses advanced techniques to address targeted attacks and risky files. Since threats evolve quickly, FortiMail prevents zero-day and advanced threats using sandbox integration to perform the deepest level of threat analysis.

FortiMail equipment for secure email gateway

SecureMail services includes

24x7 Monitored and Managed FortiMail Cloud Gateway
Inbound and Outbound Email Scanning
Antivirus Filtering & Anti-Spam Protection
Data Loss Prevention
Identity-based Encryption
Cloud Sandboxing

Closing The Security Gap by Protecting Your Email Gateway

Email is the most used application by organizations. Email is also the number one target of cybercriminals using malware, phishing schemes, and socially-engineered impersonations to spread viral threats. Millions of organizations, both large and small, use Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and G-Suite as their email exchange. Traditional anti-virus and spam filters offered by these email exchanges are no longer enough to ensure data security, particularly as more services move into the cloud.

For organizations that deal with confidential consumer and business data, a secure email gateway provides another level of security. Secure email gateways protect sensitive data reducing the risk of data loss and non-compliance with regulations like DFARS, CMMC, PCI DSS, and the new GDPR.

Top Email Security Backed By Top Cybersecurity Experts

While there are a number of IT companies offering secure email products, Secure Cyber Defense backs up your email security with a team of dedicated cybersecurity experts who analyze and develop countermeasures for thousands of potential email-borne threats. Your company benefits from our experience with the most up-to-date threat information and a system that automatically address the latest threats so your team doesn’t have to.

Secure Cyber Defense Makes Securing Your Email Gateway Easy

With so much on your security planning plate, let Secure Cyber Defense host, manage and monitor your company’s email gateway to close another potential security gap. Schedule a cybersecurity assessment to see how Secure Cyber Defense can reduce your cybersecurity threats.

What do you get?

  • Secure Email Hosting – our US-based secure email server is hosted and monitored providing military, government and business owners the level of security they demand. We offer as few as five seats to over 2,000 depending upon your business need
  • Anti-spam – higher level anti-spam detection and filtering to dramatically reduce spam volume and the threat of email attacks and infections
  • Anti-virus – virus outbreak protection matched with our threat protection database of current and past email threats giving you on-going support to prevent threats spreading throughout your organization
  • Regulatory Compliance – in addition to providing a secure email environment, we also provide regulatory compliance, providing additional  security and reporting for sensitive data.
  • Threat Monitoring – Adds an additional layer of managed security protection to detect and stop malware threats on-going with real-time access to our threat protection database and Cyber Intelligence Center giving you the most up-to-date virus and malware protection
  • Secure Content Disarm and Reconstruct – this service processes all incoming files in real-time, deconstructs them, then removes all the elements that do not match firewall and cybersecurity policies.
  • Secure Cloud Solution – An alternate cloud-based solution delivering the same rapid detection and automated response for larger enterprise email gateways

Bundled Services

  • Secure Small Business – Protect your small business from current and emerging threats with Secure Email Hosting, Anti-spam, Anti-virus and Virus Outbreak services along with integrated data loss prevention, email encryption and email archiving
  • Secure Enterprise – Larger companies often require more advanced protection against the most sophisticated targeted attacks. Our Enterprise bundle provides advanced protection, including all the services in the Secure Small Business bundle plus Secure Virus Outbreak, Content Disarm and Reconstruct and Sandbox Filtering to identify previously unknown malware.