Pre-Sales Assessment

  • Please provide Secure Cyber Defense with the following assessment information. The information obtained will be used to properly quote services for your organization and provide key information required for the onboarding of services and/or products Secure Cyber Defense will provide to/for you. If additional space is required, please attach additional documentation.

    If you have any questions, please consult with Sales, or contact SCD at 937.388.4405,

  • If multiple, provide the city, state and zip for each location (attach, if needed).
  • If multiple locations, specify number of users per location.
  • If yes, what provider and how are you using them? For example, endpoint auth, VPN etc
  • If multiple ISPs for multiple locations, include the location and provider for that location.
  • Please list which ones you utilize.
  • 3rd party externally or with internal software. Please be specific with your response.
  • If yes, please specify log method, storage location(s) and retention policy. For example, do you utilize a SIEM solution?
  • If so, by what service/solution?
  • If so, please specify solution/provider.
  • If so, please list all.
  • If so, please list all?
  • If yes, specify solution
  • If yes, please specify all.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.