Secure Cyber Defense is a Gold Sponsor for this year’s 7th Annual Cybersecurity Midwest Summit on September 29th in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Come see us a booth #8! 

Event Details Below:

The 7th Annual Cybersecurity Midwest Summit (in-person) is being held on September 29, 2022. Registration is now open! It is a complimentary ticketed event, open to enterprise and mid-market technology leaders (non-vendor). Click HERE to pre-register to attend.

The Summit will spotlight leading executives and organizations from Greater Cincinnati as well as from Dayton, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Lexington, Louisville, and other parts of the Midwest. Our vision for the event is to champion the midwestern portion of the United States as a world leader in technology.

Featuring 100+ panelists, 30 breakout sessions, and 4 Keynote speakers, making it one of America’s hallmark events for cybersecurity!

View more event details here: AGENDAEXHIBITORSSPEAKERS

Tracks Include:
  • Building the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Workforce
  • Operational Security – The Next Evolution in Risk Reduction
  • The Growing Threat of Ransomware
  • Cybersecurity Risk and Exposure, a Key Factor in Partnership Decisions
  • The Journey Towards Zero Trust
  • Vendor Management Best Practices (Secure Cyber Defense, Shawn Waldman will be a panelist for this session)
  • Best Practices with Cybersecurity in the Cloud