The new cybersecurity badge, introduced in partnership with Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital aimed at Junior Girl Scouts ages 9-11-year-olds, helps them to become more aware of online safety. The new badge focuses on teaching girls about protecting their personal information, cyberbullying, privacy and security and online safety.

Secure Cyber Defense hosted area Girl Scouts interested in ways they can keep themselves safe online and become savvier about their digital activities. Shawn Waldman and Sonya Gentry, Project Manager and Customer Relations, led the girls through a number of situations to help them understand what to watch out for online and in their emails, how to set up their privacy and security settings and keeping themselves safe from strangers online.

“Becoming cyber smart has to start at a young age. Boys and girls are at risk online through the websites and apps they use and the number of offers they bombarded with each day,” says Waldman. “The Girl Scouts have created a fun and interesting way to help young girls become cyber smart, and we were happy to be part of helping them earn their cybersecurity badge.”

While the program and badge focus on cybersecurity, the Girl Scouts hope more girls will discover and pursue computer and STEM education and careers through this and other science and technology badges the Girl Scouts now offer. “We hope in some way, by helping out our local Girl Scout troop, we’ve inspired a new generation to be savvy, secure and safe online.”