Tech and Customer Support Fraud involves a criminal posing as technical or customer support/service to defraud unwitting individuals. Criminals may offer support to resolve such issues as a compromised email or bank account, delivery delays, a virus on a computer, or a software license renewal. Recent complaints involve criminals posing as customer support for financial institutions, utility companies, package delivery companies, or cryptocurrency exchanges.

Many victims report being directed to make wire transfers to overseas accounts or purchase large amounts of prepaid cards. The use of cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency ATMs is also an emerging method of payment.

Tech support scammers continue to impersonate well-known tech companies, offering to fix non-existent technology issues, renewing fraudulent software, delivery delays, or security subscriptions. In 2021, the IC3 observed an increase in complaints
reporting the impersonation of customer support, which has taken on a variety of forms.

You can read the full FBI Bulletin HERE.