Public approval for online sports betting with companies Like DraftKings has increased and so has the number of states that have legalized sports gambling and mobile betting. According to a recent CBS Sports article, sports betting is now legal in 37 states. Many sports fans use popular betting applications such as DraftKings to place bets. With this comes additional risks that organizations should be aware of.

The Intelligence Team at Secure Cyber Defense has observed the application GeoComply being used for location detection. Commonly associated with the DraftKings application, GeoComply identifies a user’s location and determines if bets can be placed in that specific state. GeoComply was recently detected by a Fortinet signature and research identified possible security risks due to past Draftkings breaches.

The Intelligence Team observed inside GeoComply other utilities that were not related to determining a user’s location, such as a process scanner and Wi-Fi scanner. Secure Cyber Defense recommends that businesses implement (by policy and practice) sports betting not be allowed on company resources.

• Usage of personal data including credit card information and banking numbers
• Vulnerabilities associated with supported applications.
• Data breaches/Compliance

Removal and Recommendations:
Example Process File Locations:
-C:\Program Files(x86)\GeoComply\PlayerLocationCheck\Application\service.exe
-C:\Program Files(x86)\GeoComply\PlayerLocationCheck\Application\com.geocomply.process-scanner-microservice.exe
-C:\Program Files(x86)\GeoComply\PlayerLocationCheck\Application\com.geocomply.internal-updater-microservice.exe
-C:\Program Files(x86)\GeoComply\PlayerLocationCheck\Application\com.geocomply.wifi-scanner-microservice.exe
-C:\Program Files(x86)\GeoComply\PlayerLocationCheck\Application\com.geocomply.vm-detector-microservice.exe

Matthew Williams
Secure Cyber Defense